Noosa River fishing report

Noosa River fishing report

This week the river has again been producing some great fish with plenty of Bream, Grunter, Flathead, as well as Golden Trevally. Bream and grunter are able to be caught just about anywhere in the river at the moment. Fishing the incoming tide as well as using prawns and worms for bait will help strengthen your chances of landing them. There’s been plenty of big Flathead around this week as well with the upper part of the river having the best luck. Trying between Goat Island and the cable ferry on the runout tide will hopefully land you a few. Golden Trevally have been hanging around the Noosa Sound again with the high tide bringing them out. The long weekend will bring plenty of sunshine and a few possible scattered showers as well as hopefully plenty of great fishing.

IMG_0088Until next week, Good luck from the boys at O Boats.

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